Womb Hara Massage


How did you find the Womb Hara massage physically and emotionally?

Physically I felt more open in the hips. More spaciousness in my pelvic bucket like a tightness had released. It made me realise I had been walking around with a tight fist inside my uterus, as if I were curved inward trying to protect my loins. The stomach massage helped enormously to ease tension in corners that never received touch so that was also profound in preparing my emotions to soften, like my belly was saying that it was safe to let GO!

Emotionally I felt some deep seated anger had dissolved that I didn’t realise had been housed in my lower region…like I had been cutting off my lower region and Now I was remembering I have another half of my body that is worth caring for & honouring. I felt more inclined to chat with my daughter about her birth and it brought back the memory of my feelings at the time so I could look at them from a wiser perspective. At the time I was too busy looking after her to worry about my own needs and healing.

So appreciate your guidance and a huge thank you for being so kind in your approach…I’m absolutely certain you are meant to be doing this Jodie. The bodywork was brilliant and as long as you continue to stay open to your client’s needs like you did mine, using your intuition as well as you goodwill energy, can steer you only in the right direction.

Thanks again Jodie for the way you made me feel totally accepted, nurtured & SAFE.


Remedial Massage Therapist, Terranora

Jodie is a certified Womb Hara Massage Practitioner and is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for her clients.  This unique modality was founded by Natalie Zukerman from The Institute of Feminine Arts on the Gold Coast.

The womb is the energetic centre of creative life force and feminine energy in the body, where we can birth all of our magical potentials from; whether that is birthing children, projects or ideas, and all that we wish to create in the world.

The organs that reside within the abdominal region provide us with the breath of life that regulates the energy and blood of the whole body. The Hara, like the womb, is also a spirit gateway and relates to the energy centres of our solar plexus and sacral chakra.

Womb Hara Massage will work to repair, bring balance, restoration to these centres and awaken our creative birthing potential and life force energy.

Massaging the abdominal, sacral and womb areas help to increase the flow of chi, one’s vital life for energy.  This nourishing massage also supports the clearing of blockages and stagnant energy held within the tissues of the body while restoring balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

This unique fusion of bodywork will gently bring balance and harmony to the mind, body and spirit while also guiding you to have a deeper awareness and connection to your womb space and all organs held within the abdominal area.


Jodie! I am so in love. I feel so amazing. Something has shifted and there is a huge opening to allow love and miracles in. Not sure how else to describe it.

When I picked kids up from school my son said to me, “Mum, you look and seem amazing and happier!”

I received this unconditional love from you and from myself. It was something I have not felt before. I felt we were one in time and space. It is hard to put words to it. But having that realisation has changed me profoundly.
Jodie your session was amazing, brilliant, out of this world! You truly have a talent that is ………I have no words only bliss


Owner and Founder of “Nourished By” Skin Care Products

Areas covered during a Womb Hara Massage with Jodie:

~ Womb, sacral and abdominal massage

~ Hara diagnosis

~ Intuitive medical massage – to energetically restore and reawaken the womb back into alignment.

~ Ancient technique called Rebozo used to heal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual traumas held within the womb space, in all directions of time and space.

~ Soul retrieval of the heart held in the womb.

~ Shamanic Journeying and Clearing

~Restoring the energy and vitality of the womb – our Divine Sacred Chalice

The deeply healing and nourishing techniques used during this treatment are based on both western and eastern philosophies, to include the ancient Chinese Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage.  Areas of focus will be low back, sacral area womb space, reproductive organs, large & small intestines, bladder and more.

Our gut wall houses over 70% of the cells that make up our immune system.  This modality has the potential of also benefiting those experiencing IBS, Crohn’s disease, acid reflux, heartburn, indigestion, shallow breathing and deficiency of our yin energy.  Most people store emotions of fear, depression, anxiety, anger, and worry within the abdominal region.

The benefits of Womb and Hara Integrative Massage can address many of these issues:

Pelvic pain
Sexual trauma and abuse
Menstrual pain and cycle-related challenges
Digestive issues such as appetite, constipation, gas and bloating
Ovarian cysts
Lower back pain, sacroiliac pain, sciatica and tightness of the sacrum
Organ prolapse
Fertility issues caused by mental, emotional and physical reasons
Energetic blockages caused by trauma in the body
Difficulties getting pregnant
Pre and post-menopausal


All Womb Hara Massages are done in the comfort of Jodie’s home in Tweed Heads, where you are garaunteed to have a peaceful, loving and healing experience. To book a Womb Hara Massage or find out more please visit the Contact Me page. Either give Jodie a call, text or email and she will be happy to assist with your enquiry.

Before I had my sessions, I had been working for a long time on myself. From emotional trauma and associated issues to grief and self-worth issues. But there was a blockage that I just couldn’t move through by myself.


After finishing all three sessions I feel whole. I feel very connected to myself, like I have come home to myself, bringing all fragmented pieces of myself back and into place where they will always remain. A Complete, soft, creative, and beautiful woman completely in touch with herself and her emotions. I do not question myself and feel at peace with who I am currently. This encompasses me as a total woman, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


It was a very safe space, there is nothing to add or change.


You are a gifted healer, a big part of that is the space and environment you create to practice your sessions whether it is meditation, reiki or Hara it feels safe, warm, nourishing and protected.


Retail Manager

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