I have been going to Jodie’s meditation sessions for almost a year and she still inspires me every time. Jodie combines many elements into her healing sessions from her sound therapy which awakens my soul (especially her drumming), her use of essential oils that stimulate my senses and my personal favourite her tremendously healing Reiki hands that nourish and open my heart light. Jodie’s energy is warm, kind, loving and compassionate with a strong spiritual warrior’s heart.

Thank you Jodie for breaking down my walls and opening my heart to heal, for helping me prepare and deal with my grief and loss in a positive and caring way and allowing my soul to awaken and flourish in your calm and safe meditation sessions

Michelle, Banora Point NSW.

Jodie is a breath of fresh air the meditation in hammocks is divine. The entire evening, complete with the creative time is sacred and connective.

Deborah, Coolangatta QLD.

I love it when my schedule aligns so that time can stand still while experiencing Jodie’s sound healing meditation… she puts her whole heart and soul into it. It calms my being and allows for a peaceful night’s sleep…

Jennifer, Pottsville NSW.

Jodie is a truly gifted spiritual coach and healer. Her floating meditation classes will take you to a place of complete inner peace and calm where you can re-connect with yourself and other like-minded souls.

Rosa, Tweed Region NSW.

Jodie is an Earth Angel with the ability to connect to anyone who walks into her beautiful space. Jodie intuitively creates music that bypasses the brain and reaches your soul and heart. In a busy and stressful world-Jodie creates a haven and retreat that nourishes me weekly. Please come along and enjoy!!!!

Christine, Palm Beach QLD.

 When I am in Jodie’s presence, I can’t help but feel her calm loving energy. The acceptance and care she gives those around her is so pure and transforming. Amazing lady. Definitely someone to grow with.

Anna, Tweed Region NSW.

Guidance, clarity, healing, friendship all these and so much more is what I have experienced at Jodie’s sessions. Jodie’s sessions are always amazing and rejuvenating! Whether it’s in the hammock session doing a sound mediation class, a private healing session or any other awesome session that Jodie runs, I can say with 100% confidence that if Jodie is running a session you will be sure to have an amazing experience!

Troy, Northern Rivers NSW.

Womb Hara Massage 

I always feel safe when I am in Jodie’s care as she has the most gentle hands and disposition which is one of the most enchanting things about her offering this work to women like me. Her warmth and kindness is something that shines through her.

I have had massage before and lots done to my back and feet etc. but the front stomach area etc. has always been ignored. So to have someone give that area some attention made me feel really loved. Jodie has a wonderful way of NOT making me feel judged or shamed.

To actually let someone touch me in a kind and loving way made me feel loved, nurtured and safe and I could actually feel myself starting to appreciate and start to accept the shape of my body.

Working with Jodie has opened a few doors revealing areas I need to work through on the other side. When I listen to my inner voice it is definitely shouting at me to pursue this work with Jodie further, my voice is excited and is saying yes this is a good path to go down.

I guess it just felt relaxing. I believe that for me, the areas I will be mostly working through will be around the emotional and spiritual aspects that I need to shift so I can start to heal. I am excited to work more on this with Jodie as I believe this will be hugely beneficial to my healing process and that Jodie has the skills to guide me through it.

I found the whole process to be extremely loving and I had a great sense that I was honouring my female body in a way I have never done before. It has been the ultimate in self-love and self-care. I am starting to really listen to my body and what it needs.

I am keen to see if my periods can improve the last few have in fact been quite acceptable so the massage could have help me physically in that way too.

I really enjoyed the steaming, and I am keen to do this on a regular basis at home. It was a very relaxing and comforting experience.

Jodie is an incredibly special lady!! She has a huge heart, and this shines through in every aspect of her healing work. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone wishing to find a deeper connection to self and to source, and to anyone wishing to discover new ways to create a life of balance and flow, full of self-love, self-acceptance and self-worth.


Artist and Owner of Think Purple Art Studio, Tweed

I felt lighter and my body felt less tense. The womb meditation was very powerful for me and the use of the instruments/sounds added an extra element to the massage that I really enjoyed.


Year 12 high school student, Banora Point

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