Jodie of Yin Empress Healing offers a variety of services you can experience. Ranging from on-on-one healings, group sessions and event bookings. To read about what each service offers, please see below.

Jodie’s work encompasses kids, teens, mum and kids, and adults. Come and experience Jodie’s magical touch as she weaves the following modalities into her unique healing work.


Below is an overview of the techniques and modalities Jodie uses throughout her sessions. Not all sessions contain each technique or tool, but can be tailored to suit client needs.


~Reiki/Energy work

~Integrated Womb and Hara Massage -to assist in releasing and clearing blockages and stagnant energy and/or trauma held in the womb, sacral and abdominal areas and to increase life force energy

~Intuitive Medical Massage – to energetically restore and reawaken the womb and chakras back into alignment

~Sound Harmonics Healing -allows for sound frequencies, vibrations and overtones to penetrate on a deep cellular level to shift, cleanse, clear and activate).

~Planetary New Moon Gong and Lapis Lazuli and Pearl Infused Crystal “Singing Ring” bowl Immersion (New moon vibrations invite us to create, envision and plant ourselves firmly in new and powerful intentions)

~Breath work and Sacred Guided Meditations and Initiations/Activation

~Heart and Soul Recalibration and Alignment to Highest Soul Purpose/Soul retrieval of the heart held in the womb

~Guidance with a wide selection of Oracle cards and Jodie’s Intuitive Insights

~Chakra clearing and charging with Elfen Energy Chimes and Acutonics Tuning Forks (Mars and Venus –

~Personalised flower/crystal grid activation

~Aroma Touch Technique using doTERRA essential oils

~Mild Yoni Steaming – Yoni (vaginal) steaming combines the power of water with the medicinal properties of herbs, in a healing steam ritual

~Rebozo technique – an ancient technique where your body is rocked and cocooned in scarves as tension is released, leaving you to feel deeply held, lighter and to bring your body back into wholeness

~Feminine Soul Retrieval~ Calling back and re-weaving all the lost feminine soul fragments  into wholeness

~Shamanic Clearing and Smudging – to purify and cleanse the energy field of unwanted negative energy.

~Herbal Tea served to ground and integrate at the end of the experience


To enquire about pricing or booking a session, please visit the Contact Me page.

I feel incredibly fortunate that I had the opportunity to have a healing session with Jodie. It was one of the most amazing experiences. I felt cared for, nourished and safe. Jodie’s intuition and guidance and use of different modalities allowed a gave me a sense of light-heartedness and knowing. I had the feeling of a gently shedding of past hurts that liberated me.

 I came away with a tangible gift that reinforced the experience. As I looked at this gift moment to moment it has helped me to remember the wonderment inside myself.

Jodie is truly a healer, if you get an opportunity to attend a sound healing or any of Jodie’s sessions I highly recommend it.


Nourished By

One on One 


When you receive a one-one session with Jodie, your brilliance will be ignited and illuminated! You will be bathed in a deeply healing Sacred Sound Journey – sound soothes the soul and balances your body on a deep cellular level. Jodie will transport you into your sacred heart, activating powerful energy shifts, nurturing self-confidence and connecting you to your inner knowing. As your heart re-awakens you will be re-aligned with your authentic nature and innate power and healing abilities.


~In this deep state of relaxation, you are slowing the brain waves, shifting energy blockages, balancing chakras and realigning both your physical and light bodies~


You will have the option to experience a mild and gentle Yoni Steaming.  This is an ancient and sacred self-care practice that has been used by women in many traditional cultures for centuries. Yoni (vaginal) steaming combines the power of water with the medicinal properties of herbs, in a healing steam ritual which increases blood flow, relaxes the muscles of the womb and pelvis and aids in the releases toxins while bringing energetic warmth, nourishment and vitality to the womb space – our sacred chalice where we hold our power, wisdom, and creativity.

During the sound journey, Jodie will weave into the experience many different soothing sounds and vibrations like crystal bowls, chimes, bells, medicine drum, rattles, gongs and more. The highlight is the New Moon Gong and Lapis Lazuli Crystal Singing Bowl Immersion – New moon vibrations invite us to create, envision and plant ourselves firmly in new and powerful intentions.

Jodie will also help you to explore ways to invite ritual and intuition into your daily life, enabling you to tap into the infinite wisdom of your soul.


May the unveiling begin!



Groups, Workshops and Events


Jodie has over 20 years experience running and facilitating workshops, group sessions and events. Whether it be Women’s Circle, staff development days or a get together with friends and family to relax and unwind, Jodie is able to create a unique experience to suit your needs.


Jodie will take you on a sacred journey to:

~ Experience a guided meditation using Crystal Bowls and other soothing instruments.

~ Explore ways to create more peace, love and balance in your life

~ Work with affirmation cards, crystals, essential oils and more.

~Learn techniques such as simple breath work and affirmations to calm the mind and ease tension in the body.

~ Connect on a deeper level with yourself and your colleagues or loved ones.

~Explore strategies such as simple breath work and affirmations, to calm the mind and ease tension in the body

~ Get the body moving as we connect with the Elements; Earth, Air, Wind and Fire through movement

~Create a nature mandala; a circular symbol using patterns to represent the circle of life. This is as a nature-based creative and meditative activity using natural objects like flowers, leaves, shells etc

Jodie invites you to journey with her, to embrace change and transition, allowing for the body, mind and spirit to rest and reset.

Connect to your inner self, release stress and worry and allow for more harmony and peace to flow into your life.
As we create space to breathe and receive, we ultimately open ourselves up to more clarity, focus, creativity, joy, and motivation!

You are sure to leave feeling revitalised and inspired, with the ability to view any challenges or obstacles with a fresh and positive new outlook!


Parent and Child Mindfulness Sessions and Teen Empowerment Sessions

Mindfulness Matters sessions are designed to build self-esteem and encourage self-expression while developing simple tools and strategies to calm and balance busy minds.  To help kinds/teens let go of worries and concerns and instils hope and confidence!

These sessions incorporate healing sound, crystals, affirmation cards, lots of love and heaps of giggles, inspiration and a little bit of magic!

And for the Parent/Carer and Child sessions, the parent has a chance to relax, breathe and connect with their child on a whole new level!

In a parent and child private sessions, your child will have the opportunity to choose between experiencing a beautiful guided sound meditation on a mat, or they may prefer to experience a Sound and Aroma Therapy Healing lying comfortably on a massage table.

Some options for the session include essential oils gently applied along the spine (doTerra Aroma Touch Technique), Chakra Chime Balancing (chimes are placed on the body to relax, clear and harmonise the body and mind). Reiki Healing (Energy Healing using gentle touch – promotes healing, love, compassion, and empowers them to solve problems in a loving way).

Your child will also enjoy learning how to work with affirmation cards, crystals and more! All of this is enjoyed in a very loving, calming, safe and peaceful setting. The parent/carer will also benefit from this experience as they are encouraged to stay and enjoy the soothing environment with their child.

It’s really about making it special so your child feels relaxed and comfortable. They are sure to float away feeling loved, supported, relaxed and inspired.



If You Would Like to Know More Please Press "Contact Me".

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