The Face Behind Yin Empress Healing


Jodie has a simple vision; to reach out to as many people as she can, to let them know they are loved, special and unique.

Jodie runs weekly Sound Harmonics Meditations, facilitates workshops and one-one sessions in the Tweed/Gold Coast Area.

Jodie is a Spiritual Mentor, Visionary Leader, Sacred Sound and Ceremony Facilitator and Creator. In a nutshell, she is a Creatrix who is here to serve you, as you begin to unravel from the confines of societies structures and beliefs. Allowing for YOUR inner Creatrix to emerge, take flight and soar high above limiting constraints, that have previously held you back out of fear, judgement or shame!

At the dawn of this new era, Jodie has been guided to create a safe haven for her clients to be held in a space of deep reverence with the Divine, to commune with their spirit guides, ancestors and other high vibrational beings.


Drawing on her intuition, Angelic guidance and own life experiences, she delivers unique sessions that stimulate and activate the senses, enabling her clients to reconnect with their inner Creatrix! Empowering her clients to seek answers by turning their gaze within, instead of giving their power away, to receive intuitive nudges that will allow for the magic and mystery of an abundant life to unfold, step by step before them.

There is no quick fix in creating abundance, balance and harmony in all areas of life, that is why Jodie has dedicated her lifework to supporting her clients in taking charge of their own lives, to bravely surrender into the flow as they boldly make changes that best serve them and their bright future. The effects of her work are powerful and transformational.

Jodie is passionate about connecting the community and sharing her beautiful Sacred Sound Meditations, one-on-one sessions, events and workshops, which have been lovingly designed to relax, refresh and re-balance the mind, body and soul to create more love, joy, peace and clarity.

Jodie has many years experience, working with people of all ages in many diverse settings. Working with sound, crystals and nature, as tools for bringing balance and harmony into the lives of everyone she meets, comes naturally to her and brings her great joy. Jodie’s friendly, caring and nurturing personality ensures everyone she connects with has a unique and uplifting experience.

She lives in the beautiful Tweed Region where she runs her business. She leads a fulfilling life with her family by her side and is always ready to embrace new and exciting opportunities and feels blessed, that she can help in her own unique way, to bring more love, light, hope and inspiration into our community and world.

Jodie’s work encompasses kids, teens, mum and kids and adults. Come and experience Jodie’s magical touch as she incorporates the following modalities into her unique healing work.

To see a detailed explanation of the services Jodie can offer you, please click the link below.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this site,


Love and blessings.

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