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Our July retreat day will nourish and support our connection to our Feminine energy – connecting us back to our Sacral Chakra (our womb) and re-awakening our life force!  No matter what phase we are in, our creative centre is a gateway to birth our creations, whether birthing a child, a project or anything else we desire.  Now time to awaken to the wisdom held within us. 

You may wish to share this experience with your daughter who is just crossing the threshold into womanhood from Maiden and want to celebrate this Rite of Passage called “Menarche”.  

Perhaps you are ready to start a family, you may be a new mum, or possibly juggling work and family life or simply just craving some time out just for you to regroup and recentre. Or you may have just birthed a creation – projects, a new business or creative pursuit. This phase is called “Mother”- The Creatrix.

There may be some of you that are transitioning or entering the next phase of life and are keen to rediscover what lights you up! This phase is called is called “Maga” and we then move into “Crone”. The Rite of Passage here is called “Menopause”.

Whatever phase you are in right now, this retreat has been lovingly designed just for you! It’s time to celebrate being a woman!


“At Menarche we enter our powers.

During Motherhood we practice our powers.

At Menopause; we become our powers”

~Native American Saying 


Throughout the day, you will be held and supported in this safe and nourishing setting by a team of dedicated and heartfelt women.

When: Friday 29th July 

Where: Private Retreat at Round Mountain – 10 minute drive from Cabarita Beach

 *address provided at time of booking

Time: 10:00 am ~ 4:30 pm.

     Gathering @ 9:30 am


** To have your name placed on the cancellation list, please text or call Jodie on 0425 895 570***

July 29th Special Guests

Milina Opsenica – Brand & Family Photographer. Menstrual Cycle Educator

“Unblock your creativity and allow yourself to be seen!”

 Milina is a multi-passionate photographer and menstrual cycle educator, helping women have the courage to show up as they are and understanding their creative flow through their own cycles.

We will talk about how we can unlock our own creativity through working with our cycles and, by incorporating the strengths of each of the different phases, regardless of which one we are currently in or about to move into; Menarche, Motherhood or Menopause Maiden, Mother, Maga, Crone). The more we are equipped with information and tools to understand and embrace the cycles, the more empowered and confident we will feel to create the life we truly desire!

As part of our retreat day experience, Milina will also be offering our guests, the opportunity to have some beautiful raw portraits taken of them, reflecting to them their true essence – after being held, grounded and coming into their true selves.  These images will be such a beautiful keepsake from your retreat day experience, celebrating and honouring your journey thus far as a woman.

Learn more about and her amazing offerings here:



Joanne Matthews – Remedial Massage, Reflexology, Naturopath

Jo is a qualified and registered Remedial Massage Therapist including pregnancy and reflexology massage and is also a Naturopath.

She is passionate about utilizing her skills in body work through massage, whilst supporting client with herbal medicine, nutritional advice and the support of Australian Bush Flower Essences. 

 During our time together, we will create a little Community Sanctuary Session in our beautiful yoga studio.  This is an opportunity for our guests to receive some one-one hands on treatments.  Jo will work individually with each lady to do some intuitive body work helping to unlock any blocks the body is holding onto physically, while Milina and Jodie will do some Energy/Reiki work to clear and align them energetically/spiritually.  The ladies will then experience Rebozo – an ancient technique where your body is rocked and cocooned/wrapped in scarves, as tension is released, leaving you to feel deeply held, lighter and to bring your body back into wholeness. There will also be an opportunity during this time to do mindfulness activities – journal, creating a nature mandala, or just experiencing and exploring lying/moving about in the hammocks or taking an infrared sauna.


Sorena De Ridder -Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Kinesiologist 

Sorena’s passion is to work alongside her clients to support their journey of rediscovering their truth, whilst educating and empowering them with the tools for growth in life, so they may live a life that flows from the truth in their heart.   

Sorena believes that, by clearing ‘life layers’ that no longer serve a purpose and hinder growth in your life, your truest self may shine through and you will live a life full of confidence, purpose and passion.

Floating Sound Meditation

Resident Facilitator: Jodie Yamada

Jodie is a Vibrational Sound Practitioner, Reiki Master, Womb Hara Practitioner and Facial Emotional Therapist (FET)

To bring our retreat to a close, Jodie will take you on a deeply nourishing Vibrational Sound journey floating in silk hammocks.

Sound vibrations travel through the body, promoting circulation, energy flow, deep peace and rejuvenation. The sonic waves help to take people out of fight or flight response, synchronizing the brainwaves and working in sync with the nervous system clearing stress levels and emotional blockages to find clarity and stillness within. It’s like a massage on a cellular level!

Through sound and Jodie’s tender touch, you will be transported to a sacred place within for self-inquiry and self-discovery.
All of these experiences will create the ultimate luxurious experience!

After our planned activities in the morning, there will be ample time to relax and explore the surroundings and free use of facilities.

Take a Magnesium Plunge and Infrared Sauna, relax around the pool, find a secluded spot for some time on your own, or take a stroll around this delightful property to meet the farm animals and connect with nature. You may even like to bring your journal or a book and find a secluded spot under a tree!


 Single Person Entry: $200pp

Each ticket entitles you to a full day of pampering and includes all activities and use of facilities provided.

Payment will be required at time of booking via page below to confirm your spot.

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